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Only Indie Music

Hello Proof Of Burden, how are you? The song is great, the instrumental has a lot of quality and energy, the production and mix are great, I loved the great heavy guitars, bass and drums. The structure is really good, and the highlight of the song goes to the great vocals, I loved the great timbres, energy and range, congratulations. Song added to Only indie music playlist for three months and shared on instagram.

Over Rocks Website Radio

I auditioned several times for Thomas and came to realize the potential of the energy, strength and enthusiasm that she brings, in the face of her inner challenges. It's an excellent song, with unrivaled production. In fact, it's a great highlight to mark the beginning of a new professional cycle, and we'll contribute to it by posting it to the web radio programming and recommending it on our social networks. Success!

Bloody Marry

I already loved your work since I was just reading your Bio! This song impressed me a lot, both vocals are very great, and its quite impossible to describe this song with only one rock subgenre, your sonority is unique and with a lot of attitude! thanks for sharing with me, im gonna write about that on my website very soon!